Friday, October 21, 2011

Natural Backcombed Dreads at 6 months: knot-tastic chaos!

Wow! It's been 6 months! (For those of you counting and thinking that number must be incorrect, I re-did my dreads all by myself at the end of March-mid April -- took me a few weeks doing it by myself. I will make another post about my process, though it was roughly the same as the first one, just more uniform.) So, to honor the occasion, I'm posting pictures of my dread-tastic progress.

  I added a few fun beads. Yay for dread decorations!

 I didn't realize just how crazy-messy my dreads looked until I took the pictures for this blog post. They're much tighter than they look. Feeling the dreads individually, they've come a long way in 6 months. I used to worry that if I scrubbed them too much when washing in the shower, they'd come undone, but now they're nice and tight knots. I love it! The crazy look comes from a lot of random hairs that have come loose and haven't decided where their permanent home will be. I'm hoping another 6 months will take care of most of them.

Regardless what other people may think of the mess, I LOVE my dreads right now, and I'm really excited to watch as they get tighter and the loose hairs get sucked in. They feel really cool, like ropes, so I know everything's going as it should.

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