Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Are Faeries Dead?

 One of my favorite hobbies is researching what others might consider useless information. I collect random facts like discarded jewels (thankfully people are a lot more likely to share facts than they are to discard jewels)!

Recently I stumbled upon a gem of knowledge so awesome, I have to share.

Did you know that stories about faeries in Ireland and England may have at one point been a Celtic form of ancestor worship? Or stated another way, stories about faeries may have been, essentially, ghost stories.The dead may have been thought to be still present and powerful on earth, in an altered form.

Alternately, but in the same vein, the legends of the faeries may have started as ways to preserve tales of the pre-Celtic inhabitants of what is now the British Isles and Ireland. Some of the Irish mounds - where faerie tribes are said to live - have been found to be ancient burial mounds.

Fascinating, right? Have you stumbled onto any jewels of knowledge yourself recently? Or do you know any fun facts about the myths, legends and folklore where you live or in other areas of the world? Please share! (Cause I'm greedy, and I want to know your random facts too!)

Disclaimer: These are only some of the possible explanations for how tales of the faeries began; there are others.

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