Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Natural Backcombed Dreads, 9 months old

Picture time again! My natural (meaning I am not using wax or any other products to help my hair knot), backcombed dreads are all 9 months old (some are almost 10 -- I dreaded my hair slowly, over 3 weeks, because I did the backcombing myself).

Seeing pictures of my hair made me feel good; my dreads are gradually moving from crazy mess to awesome knots.

There's still a bunch of fuzzies and loose hairs, but maybe fewer than last time?

My ends are my weakest spot. Playing with them (rubbing the ends in circles against my palm) has helped the front dreads knot together, but there are still huge portions of my back dreads (most notably those closest to my neck -- they're the hardest to reach) that are still completely unknotted. The difference between the knots and the silky, smooth hair is obvious, but I drew some arrows anyway.

I'm considering backcombing and rubber-banding the loose ends in the back. My play-with-my-ends fidgeting habit hasn't worked on the dreads with 4-5 inches of loose hair at the bottom (I tried, but after a few hours, the knots fell out). This might work if my hair weren't so naturally silky and straight, but it is, so force (elastic bands) may be necessary.


  1. Grettings from England. I honestly think your dreads look great! Mine are about an inch or two shorter and dont look great :( Had them for about 3 months. In exactly the same position; loose hair everywhere, and plenty of loose ends. I did mine by rip and twist method. No wax for me either :)

  2. I'm so sorry that I'm just now replying! If you've only had yours for 3 months (5 months now), they're going to just keep getting tighter and more awesome. They've probably already improved! :D