Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Dread's First Bath

Washed my hair! I just hopped out of the shower and took the picture, so my hair is still wet. Baby Dread survived, but is a little worse for the wear: the floofy part near the bottom got floofier! While washing, I protected the dread by bundling it up and covering it with a hair clip so that when I worked the shampoo into the rest of my hair, I wouldn't also accidentally work the knots out of my dread. Of course, it still got wet. The roots, where the knots are tightest, are the wettest, but they also survived the best. Meanwhile, the looser knots at the bottom (it was a lot harder to do the backcombing at the bottom) came a little unraveled. So I guess this supports the whole "don't wash your dreads for two weeks" advice, seeing as just getting my dread wet made it looser!

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