Monday, February 7, 2011

The Beginning: To Dread or Not To Dread

Since no one's hair dreads without direction, the first obstacle to any dread journey is the decision. For that reason, I'm starting my dread-journey blog before I even have dreadlocks, and my first few blogs will detail my considerations, fears, questions, excitement, anticipation, etc about the process of making and the experience of having dreads.


  1. I am super excited for you to begin this journey!!! I support you all the way!

  2. Wow! Are you really going dread?! Woo Hoo! Super stoked and can't wait to see!!!!

  3. In my fifth blog post, I have a pic of my very first dread. :D Dread party is scheduled for next Friday, so there'll be pics soon!! Maybe sooner if I go crazy and dread 'em before that (assuming I can find time ^_^)