Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Big Day

Alright! I've set a date for the backcombing (assuming my sister doesn't go into labor before then, in which case the date might have to move a little ...): two Fridays from now, the 18th. My fiance, sister, and some friends are going to have a movie night and take turns backcombing. I have such wonderful people in my life!

That means I've got some decisions to make! What color rubber bands do I want to use: neutral to blend with my hair or colorful to be funky? Which products do I want to use: wax, tightening gel/spray, or just no-residue shampoo? Which brand of products do I want to support? There are two popular sites which I've looked at that have step by step instructions as well as starter kits, accessories, etc, and they both seem pretty awesome, charitable, and eco-friendly, so it'll be hard to choose which one to support! I'll have to read through their sites more carefully before making a decision. For me, it may come down to the ingredients. Are they all natural, organic, etc? I know that one of the brands is organic, but I'm not sure about the other yet. What size sections do I want to dread? What do I want to decorate my dreads with? Beads? Should I order them online or buy them at my local bead shop? Do I want to buy any tams or wraps? If so, should I buy them online and support the helpful dread sites or should I try to find cheaper substitutes elsewhere?

I've got research to do. I'm so excited!

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